Our Manifesto


Promote cycle infrastructure that is inclusive of non-standard cycles, by encouraging use of the ‘Inclusive Cycle’ concept as outlined in the London Cycling Design Standards (LCDS).

Push for the development of an inclusive cycling ‘tube map’ of London, which illustrates all fully accessible cycling routes in the capital.

Ensure that disabled, cargo, freight and family cyclists are consulted in the design and development of new cycle infrastructure.

Subsidies and incentives

Push for the piloting of a subsidy for non-standard cycles in London, from which others can learn and share knowledge.


Advocate for a greater allocation of cycle parking spaces for non-standard cycles and for more inclusive cycle storage facilities.

Work with cycle hire providers to ensure that cycle hire and loan schemes are made as inclusive as possible.


Actively encourage the representation of non-standard cycles in cycling imagery.

Commit to improving recognition of the fact that cycles offer green and health enhancing mobility solutions for all, including disabled, younger and older people.

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